This isn’t the Amazon Echo, but LG’s new smart home hub looks… familiar

This isn’t the Amazon Echo, but LG’s new smart home hub looks… familiar
Credit: LG

While Samsung is betting on its 2016 range of smart TVs to become the center of your connected home, LG has announced a device for the job that looks more than a little like the Amazon Echo.

LG says that the SmartThinQ Hub will allow you to control and monitor washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, as well as sensors around the home. It’s not just its looks that recall the Echo, like Amazon’s device it can keep you up to date with your personal calendars and stream music.

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What’s particularly notable here is the LCD screen, which indicates that voice control won’t play much (if any) role here. Instead, it looks like you’ll be checking the screen and pushing buttons.

In addition to LG’s own connected home appliances, the hub is compatible with devices and sensors that are part of the AllJoyn Alliance open-source framework, as well as Iris by Lowe’s devices.

LG will be revealing more about the SmartThinQ Hub at CES next week. I wonder if any other manufacturers will be channeling Amazon’s Echo with their own devices?

➤ LG advances smart home ecosystem with SmartThinQ Hub at CES 2016 [LG Newsroom]

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