Hands-on with the redesigned LG G Flex 2

Hands-on with the redesigned LG G Flex 2

With CES 2015 being all about curved displays, let’s not forget the LG line that started it all. We got some hands on time with the new G Flex 2 on the CES show floor, and the phone is as quirky as ever.

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Although the curve is still the defining feature of the hardware here, you’ll also notice a shiny new back piece. Whereas previously the phone had a faux-metal design, now it feels more like polished resin.

I much prefer the new style, as it doesn’t look or feel like, well, plastic trying to imitate like metal. Unapologetically plastic, as Apple would say.

Like on other LG models, the plastic back is self-regenerating, but this time it does so more quickly, according to a representative.

Indeed, none of the show floor models I looked at showed any semblance if damage to the back, despite being handled by hundreds of people. It even seemed to handle fingerprints surprisingly well for something so extremely shiny.

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The back is removable for access to the microSD and SIM cards, but the 3000mAh battery is unfortunately stuck in place.

The new 1080p 5.5-inch display has the usual OLED vibrant colors(although a bit cool, as LG tends towards) and purest of blacks. Still, the non-standard pixel array and large footprint makes the fuzziness around high contrast edges like text noticeable compared to my HTC One M8 or Droid Turbo, despite the 403 PPI.

We complained about the camera in our review of the original model, but things thankfully seem much improved here. Of course, a showroom floor is no place to make definitive assessments on image quality, but focusing was quick and the indoor lighting was handled decently, aided by the optical image stabilization.

Software-wise, the device mercifully comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop right out the box. Navigating throughout the OS was a seemless experience with no hiccups I could muster, which one would hope with a Snapdragon 810 processor and 2GB of RAM inside.

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We still can’t give you a solid reason for the curve, but the G Flex 2 is a solid upgrade from the predecessor all around. And besides, at least it will match your new curved TV.

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