Whoa! Facebook camera now has built-in GIF creator

Whoa! Facebook camera now has built-in GIF creator

No matter if you pronounce it Gif or Jif, I think we call all get behind the addition of a new GIF mode in the Facebook camera.

Next time you swipe left to access the Facebook camera, you’ll be presented with the option to record your own GIF.

GIFs created through this feature are short, and only last a few seconds. As expected, you can use the full range of effects and frames from the Facebook camera. You can also add the GIF to your Facebook story, post it to your profile, or save it to your device.

The feature was discovered earlier this morning by our own social media czar, Matt Navarra (because of course). From what we can tell, the feature is only available to certain users, suggesting a gradual roll-out.

Annoyingly, I was also unable to find it on any of my Android devices running the latest version of Android and the Facebook app, suggesting this is yet another iOS exclusive launch.

In recent weeks, Facebook has doubled-down on the GIF, introducing the ability to leave the small animated videos in comments. This update to the Facebook camera feels like a logical step forward.

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