Facebook adds group payment feature to help make sure shady friends pay up

Facebook adds group payment feature to help make sure shady friends pay up

We’ve all been there before: you go out to eat with a group of people and pay the bill, only to have someone ‘forget’ to pay you back. Facebook Messenger’s new group payment feature could go a long way to solve that.

Previously, you could only pay or request money from one person at a time on Messenger. Starting today, multiple people can transfer money within a new or existing group conversation. You can input either the amount you want to request per person, or a total sum to be divided evenly.

Group Payments in Messenger

Posted by Messenger on Monday, April 10, 2017

Better yet, the group conversations show who has paid so far. Given everyone in a group will be able to see the payments, it might just be enough accountability to guilt that shady ‘friend’ into pay their dues.

Otherwise, it works pretty much exactly like individual payments through Messenger. Just tap on the money icon, and type in the amount you’re sending and what it’s for.

The feature is rolling out to the US only for now – no word on when it may come to other regions.

Get Paid Back! Announcing Group Payments in Messenger on Facebook Newsroom

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