Facebook is working on its own Prisma-style art effects app for video

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Prisma made a splash over the past couple of months with its cloud AI-powered effects app for photos and video. But it looks like Facebook is gearing up to beat the company at its own game.

In an interview at The Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox demonstrated an app the company has been quietly working on that applies art filters to live video.

Facebook's Chris Cox and Sheryl Sandberg at WSJDLive
Facebook’s Chris Cox and Sheryl Sandberg at WSJDLive

As with Prisma, Facebook’s “style transfer” app, as Cox referred to it, mimics the style of popular painters when transforming your footage. The difference, however, is in its speed: While Prisma takes a few seconds to apply your chosen effects, Facebook’s filters work in real-time.

Here’s a music video created with Prisma:

And here’s a short clip created by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg using style transfer:

Cox mentioned that the filters are still only prototypes and didn’t specify whether they’d be available only through the Facebook Live streaming video platform. We’ve contacted Facebook to find out more and will update this post if there’s a response.

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