Facebook confirms ‘Live Video’ is coming to desktops

Facebook confirms ‘Live Video’ is coming to desktops
Credit: Facebook

‘Facebook Live’ was already available for mobile users, but the company today confirmed an incremental desktop roll out in a comment to SocialTimes. Short and sweet, a Facebook representative said:

We’re starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop.

A source with knowledge of Facebook’s plans told SocialTimes that the launch was in response to high demand from journalists, vloggers and others that requested the feature. Currently, the source adds, the feature is only available to a “small percentage” of users, with more set to get it “in the coming months.”

I briefly saw the feature appear above my status bar within the last week, but didn’t think much of it at the time. It was only today I learned that most still don’t have it. And it appears I no longer do either.

Those that have access to the feature can use peripheral cameras as well as built-in versions on their laptops, the source said.

Facebook Live Coming to Desktops, Laptops on SocialTimes

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