Facebook and Internet.org release the 2014 State of Global Connectivity report

Facebook and Internet.org release the 2014 State of Global Connectivity report

Internet.org is Facebook’s push to offer internet access globally especially to developing nations. Today, it released its 2014 State of Connectivity.

The report shows that only 37.9 percent of the global population use the internet at least once a year. The largest percentage of those without internet access (78 percent) are located in developing nations.


The report also shows that the adoption rate of internet access has slowed to 6.6 percent in 2014 which is down from 14.7 percent in 2010 — something the organization is hoping to reverse.

To get those number back up again, Internet.org names three items that need to be addressed to make online access more available to those offline: Infrastructure, Affordability and Relevance.


While 90 percent of the population lives within the range of a mobile network, many still need an affordable way to get online. This includes offering data cap rates of 100MB that Internet.org says 80 percent of the population can afford. Also, the information people find online needs to be relevant to their lives.

You download the full report here.

➤ The State of Global Connectivity [Facebook]

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