Facebook adds new ‘Registered to Vote’ life event to boost political engagement ahead of US elections

Facebook adds new ‘Registered to Vote’ life event to boost political engagement ahead of ...

Facebook’s life events have been typically associated with relationship and family statuses but the company has added a new politics-focused option to its selection, one that alerts friends and family of when you registered to vote.

Detailed on its Politics page (via AllFacebook), Facebook says the feature designed to allow users to not only add to their timeline that they registered to vote but to help “share your story about when, where or why you decided to register.”

Focused primarily on the US elections, Facebook has ensured that it each state’s election authority has been added to the registration link for those eligible to vote but aren’t currently able to do so. Its operation is similar to Facebook’s ‘life-saving’ organ donor fife event, which spurred an considerable increase in people registering their interest in donating their organs.

Facebook Life Event

With the US Elections less than two months away, Facebook hopes that its new feature, along with the Facebook-CNN “I’m Voting” app will get people involved in the Elections but also ensure they are more informed on the event.

To add the life event to your timeline, you can hit the link below. If you don’t fancy that, head to your timeline, click ‘Life Event,’ select ‘Travel & Experiences’ and click “Registered to Vote.”

➤ Registered To Vote

Image Credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images

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