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Business innovation in 2020

Business innovation in 2020

The current disruption of the business world presents us with an opportunity to change course. We’ve seen global value chains unravel, leaving us to rethink the impact of systems designed to maximize profits and efficiency. Rapid digital transformation, made possible through third parties, becomes essential as the boundary between offline and online activity becomes blurred. How can companies implement innovation initiatives to ensure long-term success, support employee wellbeing, benefit society, and the economy at large?

In collaboration with the FT, Transform online event will leverage expert insights to tackle questions like:

  • How do businesses accelerate innovation efforts when spending is under pressure?
  • Which technologies and startups are leading the way in global supply chain and logistical innovation?

We’ve enlisted top thinkers including Sandy Fershee, Lab Director of D-Ford (Ford’s human-centered design lab), and Katherine Ray, Chief Marketing Officer of Babbel, to lead the way.

We know what you’re thinking: not another webinar. Couch Conferences go beyond the online format with hands-on workshops, live interviews, and audience Q&As. Interact with other attendees on real-time discussion boards and expect a few TNW-style touches — digital disco, anyone?

This event is for you if you are the head of innovation in a large company, a tech product owner, or interested in learning how to affect change in large organizations


Big names, bigger ideas (got what it takes? Apply as a speaker)

  • Sandy Fershee

    Sandy Fershee

  • Katherine Melchior Ray

    Katherine Melchior Ray

  • Nigyar Makhmudova

    Nigyar Makhmudova

    • Danone
    • Executive Vice President, Growth and Innovation
  • Guru Gowrappan

    Guru Gowrappan

  • Mark Adams

    Mark Adams

    • VICE
    • SVP, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Jeroen Tas

    Jeroen Tas

    • Philips
    • Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer
  • Niina Pussinen

    Niina Pussinen

  • Ard Jol

    Ard Jol

  • Erik Evenhuis

    Erik Evenhuis

    • Accenture
    • Managing Director within the High-Tech practice
  • Femke de Jager

    Femke de Jager

    • Accenture
    • Managing Director Consulting | Industry X.0
  • Petra Vossenberg

    Petra Vossenberg

  • Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell

  • Gianluca Bellan

    Gianluca Bellan

    • TNW
    • Innovation Program Lead
  • Mark Giesbers

    Mark Giesbers

  • Marc Carrel-Billiard

    Marc Carrel-Billiard

  • Martijn Roordink

    Martijn Roordink

  • Julie Setser

    Julie Setser

  • Rik Vera

    Rik Vera

  • Paresh Modi

    Paresh Modi

  • Andrey Khusid

    Andrey Khusid

  • Callum Booth

    Callum Booth

  • Dave Ingram

    Dave Ingram

  • Elvire Régnier-Lussier

    Elvire Régnier-Lussier

    • Supplier innovation thought leader
  • Pieter Paul van Oerle

    Pieter Paul van Oerle

    • TNW
    • Director of Strategy
  • Nikki Greenberg

    Nikki Greenberg

  • Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

    Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

  • Mike Hoogveld

    Mike Hoogveld

  • Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez, PhD

    Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez, PhD

  • Maria Erquiaga Mendoza

    Maria Erquiaga Mendoza

    • BBVA
    • Manager of Community Investment
  • Wiet de Ronde

    Wiet de Ronde

  • Sytze-Johan Bakker

    Sytze-Johan Bakker

    • Accenture
    • Global Client Account Director and Industry Lead
  • Arancha Martínez Fernández

    Arancha Martínez Fernández

  • Mark Perera

    Mark Perera

  • Des Traynor

    Des Traynor

  • Geert Batterink

    Geert Batterink

  • Niek Otten

    Niek Otten

  • Kees de Gooijer

    Kees de Gooijer

  • Sander van der Heijden

    Sander van der Heijden

    • Accenture
    • Managing Director Chemicals & Natural Resources
  • Egbert Kroon

    Egbert Kroon

  • Liesbeth Oudkerk

    Liesbeth Oudkerk

    • KLM
    • Vice President Digital Transformation
  • Moodi Mahmoudi

    Moodi Mahmoudi

  • Alexandra van der Tuin

    Alexandra van der Tuin

  • Raymon uit de Bulten

    Raymon uit de Bulten

  • Patrique Zaman

    Patrique Zaman

  • Floris van den Dool

    Floris van den Dool

  • Fenna Heyning

    Fenna Heyning

  • Sandrine Willemars

    Sandrine Willemars

  • Kalle Palomäki

    Kalle Palomäki

    • AWS
    • Sr. Startup Business Development Manager
  • Iskender Dirik

    Iskender Dirik

  • Sander van der Blonk

    Sander van der Blonk

  • Bram Tijmons

    Bram Tijmons

  • Marie José van den Boomgaard

    Marie José van den Boomgaard

    • KPN
    • Liaison Manager Startups & Scaleups
  • Matthias Gutzmann

    Matthias Gutzmann

  • Wopke Dost

    Wopke Dost

  • Alix Reichenecker

    Alix Reichenecker

  • Camiel Verschoor

    Camiel Verschoor

  • Christiaan Uittenbosch

    Christiaan Uittenbosch

  • Aman Jindal

    Aman Jindal

  • Duke Urbanik

    Duke Urbanik

  • Thijs Kea

    Thijs Kea

  • Annelies Schenk

    Annelies Schenk

  • Axel Krieger

    Axel Krieger

  • Anouk Binkhuysen

    Anouk Binkhuysen

  • Anita Lieverdink

    Anita Lieverdink

  • Alexandra Tarmo

    Alexandra Tarmo

    • Unilever
    • Global procurement director partnerships
  • Gregor Gimmy

    Gregor Gimmy

  • Mark van de Vrede

    Mark van de Vrede

  • Filipe Araújo

    Filipe Araújo

  • Mario Pieper

    Mario Pieper

  • Daniël Roos

    Daniël Roos

  • Lee Greene

    Lee Greene

  • Kriya Mehta

    Kriya Mehta

  • Roanne van Voorst

    Roanne van Voorst

    • Hatch
    • Co-founder and Anthropologist of the future
  • Willem Knaap

    Willem Knaap

    • Corporate Innovation Consultant
  • Ágota Nika

    Ágota Nika

    • Egis
    • Deputy Head of Digital Health and Customer Insight
  • Tim van der Weide

    Tim van der Weide

  • Rachida Justo

    Rachida Justo

  • Philipp Tuertscher

    Philipp Tuertscher



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