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April 15th, 2021 • 2PM CET

Digital marketing event for branding and growth. Thanks for joining. Video recordings of the sessions will be available soon.Get your TNW Talks license to watch the videos on demand.

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy

Expanding on one of the most popular tracks at our annual flagship event, Boost online event will deliver expertise in the areas of brand and growth to help you maximize your marketing ROI. Discover ways to lead your brand with authenticity, and leverage data to fuel your customer experience.

Join sessions with thought leaders from the world’s most innovative companies and learn tactics for driving growth and capturing consumer interest. You’ll leave with fresh inspiration and actionable insights to bring back to your work.

We know what you’re thinking: not another webinar. Couch Conferences go beyond the online format with live interviews and audience Q&As. Interact with other attendees on real-time discussion boards and expect a few TNW-style touches.


These are the first speakers that will join Boost (have the skills? Apply as a speaker)

  • Purna Virji

    Purna Virji

  • Arjan Dijk

    Arjan Dijk

  • Marichka Baluk

    Marichka Baluk

    • Blinkist
    • Head of Search, Display, and Marketing Tech
  • Christoph Liefländer

    Christoph Liefländer

  • Matthew Beedham

    Matthew Beedham

  • Akash Nigam

    Akash Nigam

  • Andrea Volpini

    Andrea Volpini

  • Ianina Lucca

    Ianina Lucca

  • Matteo Cassese

    Matteo Cassese

  • Jake Welsh

    Jake Welsh

  • Bart Knijnenberg

    Bart Knijnenberg

  • Eugenie Teasley

    Eugenie Teasley

  • Sherry (Sherzad) Rahmatian

    Sherry (Sherzad) Rahmatian

  • Simo Ahava

    Simo Ahava

  • Javier Amigo Miranda

    Javier Amigo Miranda

  • Filippo Gallignani

    Filippo Gallignani

  • Jon Chang

    Jon Chang

  • Cameron-James Wilson

    Cameron-James Wilson

  • Lisanne Sanders

    Lisanne Sanders

  • Tamar Riley

    Tamar Riley

  • Dong Chen

    Dong Chen

    • Reddit
    • Head of Brand and Acquisition Marketing

Preliminary event program

All times in CEST (GMT+1).

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