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Business innovation in 2020

The current disruption of the business world presents us with an opportunity to change course. We’ve seen global value chains unravel, leaving us to rethink the impact of systems designed to maximize profits and efficiency. Rapid digital transformation, made possible through third parties, becomes essential as the boundary between offline and online activity becomes blurred. How can companies implement innovation initiatives to ensure long-term success, support employee wellbeing, benefit society, and the economy at large?

In collaboration with the FT, Transform online event will leverage expert insights to tackle questions like:

  • How do businesses accelerate innovation efforts when spending is under pressure?
  • Which technologies and startups are leading the way in global supply chain and logistical innovation?

We’ve enlisted top thinkers including Sandy Fershee, Lab Director of D-Ford (Ford’s human-centred design lab), and Katherine Ray, Chief Marketing Officer of Babbel, to lead the way.

We know what you’re thinking: not another webinar. Couch Conferences go beyond the online format with hands-on workshops, live interviews, and audience Q&As. Interact with other attendees on real-time discussion boards and expect a few TNW-style touches — digital disco, anyone?


Big names, bigger ideas (got what it takes? Apply as a speaker)

  • Sandy Fershee

    Sandy Fershee

    Ford Motor Company
    Director D-Ford Detroit Lab

  • Mark Adams

    Mark Adams


  • Malcolm Moore

    Malcolm Moore

    Financial Times
    Technology News Editor

  • Rik Vera

    Rik Vera


  • Sally Eaves

    Sally Eaves

    Emergent Technology
    CTO and UN social Impact strategy Advisor

  • Katherine Melchior Ray

    Katherine Melchior Ray


  • Des Traynor

    Des Traynor

    Co-founder & CSO

  • Guru Gowrappan

    Guru Gowrappan

    Verizon Media

  • Keshav Murugesh

    Keshav Murugesh

    NASSCOM | WNS Global Services
    Chairman | Group CEO

  • Jeroen Tas

    Jeroen Tas

    Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer

  • Malcolm Moore

    Malcolm Moore

    Financial Times
    Technology News Editor

Patrick de Laive

Co-founder, TNW
Patrick de Laive

What I expected to happen in 7 years, happened in 7 weeks.
Staying relevant in the new normal and upgrading your digital skills are a must. TNW's Couch Conferences help you and your company to do so.

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Event program

All times in CEST (GMT+1).

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