Here’s how to convince your boss to buy you a ticket for TNW Conference 2013

Here’s how to convince your boss to buy you a ticket for TNW Conference 2013

While most people who attend TNW Conference pay their own way, we know that many of you would be in a better position to attend if your boss would help foot some of the bill. But how do you convince him or her that traveling to Amsterdam, buying a conference ticket and getting put up in a hotel for a couple of days is going to pay off for them? After all, there needs to be a pretty serious value proposition in order to justify the cash.

It’s with this question in mind that we’ve done some work for you. We’ve asked some previous attendees of our conference what it was that made the event so special for them. After all, there’s nobody better to tell you about an event than someone who’s already been there. So without further ado, we present the ideas to you in the form of a letter that you can copy/paste, print and deliver by hand… preferably with a fresh cup of coffee.

Dear [insert boss name/title]

The Next Web Conference 2013 is happening 25 and 26 April. Held in Amsterdam, it gathers some of the brightest names from around the globe. It will be an opportunity for me to hear stories and get face-to-face advice from business leaders from companies like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as promising upstarts who are clawing their way to success one customer at a time.

I truly feel that attending TNW Conference will help me to grow not only personally but also as an integral part of [insert company name]. As you know, continuing education is an important part of any employee’s career and there’s nowhere else in the world that I will have access to so many levels of information in one place.

More specifically, I wanted to point out the benefits that both I and [company name] will receive by attending the event:

I will increase my productivity — While I will certainly be attending TNW Conference in order to learn, a relaxed atmosphere, away from the office, will energize me and allow me to work better when I return.

I will return inspired — TNW Conference specifically chooses speakers that talk not only about how they succeeded, but also how they failed and what they learned from it.

I will be better at my job — One of the many points offered by TNW Conference is insight from business leaders about the things they found that made them better in business. These points can help me to find areas in which I can improve.

I will learn more about our industry — My employment with [company name] is not just a job to me. I joined [company name] as a career decision and what I learn at TNW Conference can only serve to bolster my knowledge and thirst for success.

I will share what I’ve learned — I’ll prepare a memo, when I return, with actionable things that I’ve learned at the conference that we can share with the rest of the company.

As I’m sure you can see, attending TNW Conference will not only benefit me personally and professionally, but there is a fantastic opportunity for our business to grow as a result of what I experience. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to read these points, and I thank you for your consideration.



[your name]

Now that we have the hard part out of the way, here’s a PDF for you to print, sign and deliver. We’ll see you in Amsterdam!

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