Tech recruiting startup festival Uncubed hits NY as its creators launch their email service nationally

Tech recruiting startup festival Uncubed hits NY as its creators launch their email service nationally ...

Uncubed, a tech recruiting and startup festival, is returning to New York on November 1st after debuting in the Big Apple last April. The event, which has already made its way to Chicago and Philly, is back with speakers from Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Fab, Warby Parker and Birchbox.

Launching alongside the event, Uncubed creator Wakefield Media is taking their startup-focused discovery emails to the national level and is announcing a content partnership with Microsoft, after successfully launching in NY. Wakefield’s emails are akin to Thrillist and Tasting Table, with a focus on the tech industry.

Diving into the upcoming two-day event, the first half takes the form of an unconventional job fair, with the goal of “connecting bright, experienced talent with the city’s most promising startups.” Expect plenty of drinks, music and workshops to keep things from getting dry. Day two then morphs the event into a conference where a number of roundtable chats, presentations and Q&As will be held. Finally, it all ends with an after party featuring DJ sets by LCD Soundsystem and yeasayer.

Startups will be educated on recognizing opportunities for partnership and hear from startups currently finding success.

With Wakefield’s email service and Uncubed simultaneously expanding, it’s possible we’re seeing the start of a future powerhouse — though that’s certainly optimistic thinking. It’s particularly interesting to see how Uncubed is able to sustain itself, with recent events occurring every two months across the US.

If you’re interested in attending the upcoming event in NY, check out the link below. Right now, tickets are going for $20 for Day 1 and $50 for Day 2, but pricing is going up next week to $30 and $80 respectively. For Wakefield Media’s discovery emails, head here.

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