DreamIt Demo Day: Meet the 15 young startups presenting today in New York

DreamIt Demo Day: Meet the 15 young startups presenting today in New York

DreamIt Ventures, a NY, Philidelphia and Israel-based startup accelerator program akin to Y Combinator and TechStars, is about to have its second demo day in NY.

Today, 15 young startups will be presenting in a matter of hours and are all vying for attention from a room packed full of investors, industry analysts and media, just as we saw at TechStars NY’s demo day back in June.

As for the companies, all are very consumer-focused, but range in subject matter from fashion and beauty to kids services and gaming. There’s plenty to get through, so let’s jump to it:


Use your Pinterest closet or your favorite brand’s pins to become a fashionista, fashion king or interior designer. You don’t need much time or loads of talent. Bazaart makes it quick and easy to be more artsy and less fartsy.



Branchly is for when your social networks grow bigger and bigger, when you’re connected to many people, but don’t really know any of them. This is the LinkedIn search for all of your social networks.



Targets specialized beauty needs of niche markets.



An apps marketplace for your PC. Cubiez takes what you love the most about your mobile phones and brings it to your computer: instant access to your favorite content and apps.



Romantic experiences for couples delivered monthly. Subscribe for a care package for your relationship.



Online marketplace connecting artists and venues.



A social search engine for kids activities



Mobile platform of stunning location-aware games.



Employee engagement through gamified tools



Personalized style recommendations for online shoppers



tripl is a new way to consume your friends’ trips. Follow where they are or have been traveling, see the pictures they took and read about the places they have been. In a simple feed you will be able to read up on your friends’ adventures away from home.



Turn 3 phones into a 3 camera studio



Discover and share date-night ideas for couples



WineMe brings you wines you will love at your local retailers – no more guessing. We promise.



A speech-enabled personal assistant for social news

TNW got an inside look at how DreamIt Ventures’ first New York City accelerator began, which you can learn more about that here. During that time, we learned how DreamIt differs from other New York City accelerators like TechStarsERA and Gramercy Labs Collective:

“To some extent, the market is big enough to bear all of us,” says Kerry Rupp, a Managing Partner at DreamIt. “We differentiate ourselves in the approach we take to mentorships: we source mentorship after we have the companies to create specific team dynamics. We also ask for an intensive time commitment of 3 to 5 hours a week. We want our mentors to dig in and get under the hood, to challenge the companies to get out of their comfort zone.” DreamIt Mentors come in two forms: One half are seasoned entrepreneurs, while the other half are CEOs of early stage startups– the “young gun advisors”– if you will.

For more on DreamIt Ventures, take a peek at all of its portfolio companies and this list of 5 promising startups from its class in Philly.

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