SCAMP conference aims to even up the gender balance with creativity

SCAMP conference aims to even up the gender balance with creativity

The SCAMP conference is coming up on June 14 at the Google Campus in East London. There are of course tech and media events aimed at women, but SCAMP is working to even the gender balance without pushing a solely female experience.

The conference is set up as a playground for ideas and collaboration. So rather than the usual formal set up, it’s a little more loosely arranged and experimental.

One of the better ways to promote women in technology is to give them a platform to prove their works and spark ideas. Although it is very important to pay attention to the gender balance in tech, a conference based around this topic alone has less of an appeal to a wider audience than an event that has a different focus, but still shows off great women in the business.

Interestingly, SCAMP has presented its events information on Pinterest. It might seem like a quirky move, but in fact its a rather nice way to categorise the information you need and introduce new comers with images to get you thinking.

Speakers include Anna Rafferty, MD of Penguin Digital, Clare Reddington, resident at Pervasive Media Studio, Dana Al-Salem, founder of Fanshake music community network, Dave Birss, host of the Future of Advertising podcast, Mel Exon, MD of BBH Labs, Pat Cadigan, sci-fi and non-fiction author, Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovation at Ogilvy and many more.

If you visit the site you’ll see that there is a majority female line up. Men are also welcome though and a mix of people and skills is encouraged. According to SCAMP:

Too often, conferences feature just 20% female speakers, or fewer. A more equal balance of speakers should just be a given. So SCAMP is turning the ratio on its head. Too many conferences recycle the same speakers and ideas, and we’re proud to be bringing new voices to the table.

Topics on the day will include film and images that inspire, entrepreneurship, behavioural change, photography as the killer app and interactive art. There’s also NY event taking place the very next day.

The event is run by SheSays, the global creative network for women. The organisation provides free mentorship and events for women in the creative and marketing industries as well as courses, awards, career management and a collaborative platform called Shout.

As events go, it’s not a bad selection of topics and the subtle move to highlight women is welcome. Tickets are still available via the SCAMP Eventbrite page.


Image Credit: Hugo90

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