Meet the local winners of Foursquare’s first global hackathon

Meet the local winners of Foursquare’s first global hackathon

This weekend, Foursquare hosted its first global hackathon. The New York startup brought together an insane number of developers at five official sites: NYC at General Assembly, San Francisco at Foursquare S), Denver, CO at Closely, Tokyo at GaiaX and Paris at Le Camping. Plus, many more–geographically challenged–developers organized events of their own.

As you might have guessed, there are local and global winners. The local winners have been decided, but Foursquare needs you to vote for the global champs. Voting happens this week, so check out a complete list of all the hacks… here!

People’s Choice Award Winners of NY

In New York, General Assembly has once again been chosen as the breeding ground for excellent hacks. 48 Hours of nearly non-stop work (and delicious food) led to these winning hacks!

#1 How ______ are you?

How  ______ are you? crosses your Foursquare checkins with public census data and shows your demographic information on the places you go. For example, this app can tell you how “divorced” you are, by comparing your location with marital status statistics. Also, this app can also be used to find out how “white” you are (as pictured below). By: Tal Safran and Max Stoller.

#2 DigiDJ

DiGiDJ is the first ever music app that lets you request a song from a crowded club floor. It works similarly to a jukebox. You can browse songs until you find what you want and then queue it up for everyone to hear. By: Christine Horvat and Brian Yang (with help from Venmo).

#3 Placeface

Placeface lets your Foursquare profile pictures change with every check-in. You can select profile pictures for every type of location, like nightlife, shopping and food. It just may be the perfect way to balance your wild side with your well educated, library-going side. By: Jonathan Wegener and Jason Pope.

Foursquare’s API is awesome because the are so many different, undiscovered things that can be done with it. The winning hacks from all over the world will be decided this week, so keep checking back right here for the final results.

While you’re waiting, take a look at some photos from the event.

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