After anti-Uber protests pay off in Paris, Uber drivers join ‘funeral’ rally

After anti-Uber protests pay off in Paris, Uber drivers join ‘funeral’ rally
Credit: Uber

Having seen taxi drivers in Paris win a court case last week against Uber amid two days of street protests, it looks like the ride-hailing community in France has taken a leaf out of their rivals’ book and decided to stage a rally of its own.

The ‘funeral march’ for their profession is being led by the Alternative Mobilité Transport group, which represents salaried chauffeurs in France and increasingly partners with services like Uber as drivers tussle for position in the app-powered world.

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Last week, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls sent letters to app companies, including Uber, ordering them to stop allowing salaried drivers to user their platforms.

In a rather ironic email given the ongoing issue with regular taxi drivers, which was obtained by The Verge, Uber “clearly urges” these drivers to join the day of action:

Your future, that of your business, and that of your family are in danger.

We have reached out to Uber for a comment on the story.

Uber drivers stage protest over French response to taxi strike [The Verge]

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