Microsoft and others reportedly complain to EU regulators over Google+

Microsoft and others reportedly complain to EU regulators over Google+

Update at foot of post.

Microsoft and “several other firms” have reportedly lodged a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators about Google+, the Internet giant’s social networking tool.

Reuters cites “two people familiar with the matter” as its source, in a move that could see European regulatory bodies extend its investigations into the company.

Whilst the European Commission hasn’t confirmed this, and Microsoft has declined to comment saying that it wouldn’t issue a statement on “rumors or speculation”, this is a significant move if it proves true and will serve to heighten tensions between the two companies which have been escalating over recent months.

Earlier this month, Google wrote a comprehensive response to EU regulators after it asked the Internet giant to “pause” the rolling out of its privacy policy updates, which are due to go live on March 1.

Ten days after Google first announced that it was updating its privacy policies and bringing them together under one roof, France’s data-protection agency asked the company to delay the roll-out pending EU ‘analysis’ into the changes. And Microsoft, too, capitalized on the negative publicity surrounding Google’s plans by launching a public offensive through a newspaper ad campaign that slammed the company’s new privacy policy.

Whilst this led to a series of public retaliations between the two companies, if the Redmond-based company has lodged a formal complaint against Google overs its social network, this would certainly takes things to the next level.

Update: Speaking to ZDnet, Microsoft has denied being part of any antitrust complaint related to Google+. However, that does not discount the possibility of Reuters being partially right, and others being involved in a complaint.

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