And The Next Web Startup Rally Winner is… SILK #TNW2011

And The Next Web Startup Rally Winner is… SILK #TNW2011

At The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, 16 startups competed over two days in our annual Startup Rally. Just moments ago, the winners were announced and the champagne is out! And here they are, the 2011 Startup Rally champions are as follows…

The Next Web Startup Rally Overall Winner: Silk

Silk is an app for the web that helps you collect, sort and view the information that you need without making you comb through the data yourself. This is an app that will allow you to better navigate the semantic web seas, also known as “Web 3.0″.

See our story full story of SilkApp’s launch here and our video interview with the founder here.

(Last year won by Next2News)

Best B2C startup: Kuvva

Kuvva connects fans to brands through online advertising. Currently, Kuvva sources the best curated content from some of the world’s leading artists, designers, illustrators and photographers to bring quality, beautiful images to your Twitter profile with more social network options and personal pages coming soon.

See our story full story of Kuvva’s launch here.

(Won by Rapportive in 2010)

Best Mobile startup: Onavo

Onavo launched today to help smartphone users regain control of mobile data usage and save money on data charges by reducing the amount of data that’s transferred over their network. It’s certainly an exciting proposition for data-hungry Internet addicts.

See our full story of Onavo’s lauch here and our video interview with CEO, Guy Rosen here.

(Won by Double Dutch in 2010)

Best B2B startup: Cleeng

Cleeng is, simply, a better way to monetize content on your site. Instead of having a pass or fail scenario where content is only visible to subscribers, publishers can choose to have only sections applied to the Cleeng payment method.

See our story full story of Cleeng’s launch here and our video interview with the founder here.

(Won by Distimo in 2010)

Most remarkable pitch: Foodzy

Foodzy helps keep track of what you eat during the day and rewards certain healthy or fun eating habits with badges. There’s also a social element to Foodzy, allowing users to discover new products that others you know like as well as which of them have eating habits that are similar.

See our story full story of Foodzy’s launch here.

(Won by 22tracks in 2010)

Most promising business model: Marvia

The Dutch based startup Marvia launched a new service from called, which places power back into the hands of print advertisers by providing a ‘click and go’ online platform that allows anyone to create and place an advert across all types of media.

See our story full story of Marvia’s launch here and our interview with the founder here.

(Won by Peecho in 2010)

Overall public’s choice winner: Onavo

Honorable Mentions: Kuvva, Foodzy

(Won by 22tracks in 2010)

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