This Playlist is “All About the Money”…

This Playlist is “All About the Money”…

Two-time TNW Award winner 22tracks is the official music partner of The Next Web Conference 2011! They have curated a playlist for us and it is ehm, right on the money. Last year they won two TNW awards (best b2c startup and public choice) and last month they were voted startup of the year at the Dutch Startup Awards.

22Tracks is an online jukebox consisting of 22 playlists of different genres, filled with 22 brand new tracks, thoroughly curated by specialists (top DJs and journalists) from Amsterdam. 22tracks offers a fast and accurate display of the newest music and stands out in clarity in the tangle of music sites and blogs out there. Now everybody can be an expert, within one click.

The tracks are streamable for a month and can be purchased by clicking the associated shopping cart via iTunes or Amazon. This year it will be expanding to Brussels and London too. Its iPhone app is available in the Benelux region only, for now.

Every year we try to offer a TNW playlist with music for the conference that is fun, inspiring and has a message. This year the message is pretty clear when you look at the selected songs: it is all about the money baby!

The list is a fresh combination of pop, soul, hiphop, reggae and rock.

Usually 22tracks is all about the newest music, but in this TNW special they’ve selected some classics too. I’m sure a few of these songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the year.

Or at least during the conference ;)

Check our 22Tracks playlist, reserve your ticket and don’t miss out on a great event!

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