Amazon’s slick Windowshop iPad app gets European launch

Amazon’s slick Windowshop iPad app gets European launch

As with so many (too many) things in the tech world, Amazon’s Windowshop iPad app launched first in the US only. Today, a couple of months on, Amazon’s UK and European stores have caught up.

In case Windowshop passed you by first time around, the app is an iPad-optimised way to browse and buy from Amazon’s stock. Big pictures on a clean white background and video and audio previews are the order of the day here.

Of course, Amazon wants you to actually spend some money rather than stick to the windowshopping the app’s name implies. As such, the all-too dangerous one-click purchasing is in here along with support for Amazon Prime, wishlists and package tracking.

In short, it’s exactly what iPad owning Amazon customers like me have been waiting for. The website’s a little fiddly to use and the iPhone app looks hideous when blown up to double size on the iPad screen. I can see myself spending quite a bit of time with this new app.

Amazon Windowshop is available now [iTunes link]. See you at the checkout.

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