Orange UK and Twitter Strike MMS Deal

Orange UK and Twitter Strike MMS Deal

Twitter and Orange have struck a groundbreaking deal that will allow customers ofTwitter and Orange the network to not only receive tweet updates via SMS but also send photos via MMS in a one of a kind agreement in the UK.

Both services come at no extra charge, normal messaging rates apply and provides a great platform for new or current Twitter users who don’t have a smartphone to engage with the popular social network.

Orange follow Vodafone and O2 in allowing Twitter users to receive updates via SMS and with social networking a key selling point for mobile networks, I’m sure it won’t be long before others follow suit.

Twitter tested the service earlier this morning for a brief moment before taking it down.  Many UK Orange users who had registered their device previously with Twitter may have received a barrage of texts this morning. It would be worth checking with Orange these updates were not charged to your account.

Orange have created a micro site to go hand in hand with the launch of this new service, called Snapshot, which acts as a TwitPic like service, where all the photos sent by MMS are showcased too.

For any Orange UK customer wanting to try out the service, simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Take a photo on your Orange mobile phone
  2. Select ‘Send via MMS’ or ‘Send multimedia message’
  3. Send it to 86444

With the emerging world of apps taking centre stage, it’s fantastic to see one of the older methods of communication reinvigorate itself once more as a great and accessible technological bridge, for one of the newest.

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