Sir Paul Mccartney and The Beatles Join Twitter

Sir Paul Mccartney and The Beatles Join Twitter

Picture 15Never thought I’d be saying this but Sir Paul Mccartney and the Beatles are now on Twitter and verified.

Sadly both seem to be tweeting in third party form, which means some PR company is handling the accounts on their behalf. There’s no fun in that. Nevertheless, with a bit of luck, we might see Sir Paul recognise the value in being personal and say hello.

Joining Twitter perfectly aligns with Sir Paul’s unveiling of his tracklisting for his new live album and DVD, ‘Good Evening New York City’, to be released on November 23.

On the Twitter celeb front, the list of celebs joining Twitter is endless but we have just begun to notice a plateauing of Twitter growth as well as the odd celebrity deciding it wasn’t for them.

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