Palm Pre Headed To Spain

Palm Pre Headed To Spain

Palm today has announced that the Pre, its popular new smart phone, is headed to Spain on October 14. Telefonica will be the provider for the phone, giving them exclusivity in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and now Spain.

The Pre, regardless of how you feel it stacks up compared to the iPhone, is moving away from its original US market quickly. Of course, Palm has more than a few chips in the success of its Web OS, so it is heartening to see them execute on an aggressive time table. Palm needs a hit with the Pre, and it is determined to see the phone through on a fully global scale.

The Pre will be open for purchase at Telefonica retail outlets. Depending on what their specific service plan is, the phone might be available to current Spanish Telefonica subscribers at no out of pocket cost. Either Palm or Telefonica is taking the financial hit. Irregardless, this will quickly move more units of the phone. Palm is looking to grow, and this is the fastest and best way to do so.

This will not of course solve all the problems that the phone is having at home competing in the stiff US smartphone market. However, if Palm can add another fistful of nations where the first generation Pre is hosted, it can easily build upon that userbase for the soon to launch Pixi and the eventual second generation Pre.

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