is like 99designs for company taglines (except it’s free) is like 99designs for company taglines (except it’s free)

When you spend days and nights working on a startup, it can be hard to condense the core of your product down to a handful of words. For frustrated entrepreneurs and marketers alike, wants to help you crowdsource catchy taglines.

The free Web service lets you check out startups that want the Internet’s hand in coming up with a fresh slogan, or improve upon their current ones. If you’re no wordsmith, you can also browse through the suggestions to upvote or downvote the contributions.


If you’re the startup needing help, you can submit an entry with a link to your website and a brief summary of the company. To submit a startup, tagline or vote, however, you’ll need to log in with a Twitter account.

There’s also a leaderboard which highlights members who’ve contributed the best slogans. At the moment, there are approximately 500 members registered on the service.

While the site doesn’t guarantee quality results, it does seem like a neat place to practice copywriting, or find others struggling with the same issues to discuss your writer’s block. It always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes to give your work some much-needed perspective.

➤ [via Product Hunt]

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