Labster wins Sanoma’s Startup Challenge 2014 at TNW Europe

Labster wins Sanoma’s Startup Challenge 2014 at TNW Europe

Labster, an educational startup company specializing in laboratory experiment simulations, has won a cash award of 25,000 Euros as part of a competition sponsored by Sanoma Ventures. The prize was announced today at our TNW Europe 2014 conference in Amsterdam.

Sanoma invited European digital learning startups to participate in the Sanoma Startup Challenge 2014, its initiative to support the future of primary and secondary education.

Labster was one of five finalists, which included Wewanttoknow’s DragonBox, a multi-platform math game; Jumpido, a Microsoft Kinect-based math game; EduKey’s Class Charts, a data-based behavioral seating chart app; and Eduvee, a resource for targeted science instruction.

Mads Bonde accepts the Labster award.

Labster’s 3D virtual lab, features molecular 3D animations, quiz questions, and immersive multimedia backgrounds. The virtual labs are derived from real-life cases, but are safer and cost less than traditional labs.

CEO Mads Bonde, who accepted the award, said he was inspired by the concept of flight simulation in formulating the Labster concept.

The company has teamed up with top universities and faculty from Stanford University, The Technical University of Denmark, Novo Nordisk, Boston University, and others to develop laboratories that are used by more than 10,000 students worldwide.

Specialty labs include CSI, animal genetics, medical genetics, enzyme kinetics, chromatography, molecular cloning, and more.

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