Why do you read Playboy magazine?

Why do you read Playboy magazine?

For the articles right?

The reason why it’s almost politically correct to buy the magazine is because the articles are often really good. Playboy offers buyers a way to defend their purchase and I’m sure that’s part of its success.

But who is kidding who? Without those nude photos it simply wouldn’t sell as well.

The magazine is a nice balance between photos (low level entertainment) and articles (high level entertainment) with a whole range of content in between. And it needs to be that. The articles are what gives the magazine a viable reason to exist.

So what is the lesson here? Include some naked people in your marketing brochure? Well no. But do think what the range of content is that you are providing.

Is there enough entertainment to go with your serious message? Can you alternate heavy content with lighter content? Is it possible to make your customers smile every now and then?

People often think that being businesslike is all about seriousness. That is a myth. Being businesslike is about providing a useful service to your customers. Making people happy is very useful. And rewarding.

P.S. Playboy is still the best selling magazine in the US with more than 3 million copies sold every month (2010). That surprised me.

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