Is revenge a good motivation for starting a business?

Is revenge a good motivation for starting a business?

A few weeks ago an entrepreneur asked me “do you think revenge is a bad motivation for starting a business?”

My answer: “not at all!”

As an entrepreneur it is super important to be extremely motivated. It doesn’t matter much if you are looking for respect from your father, want to be rich to attract the opposite sex or just want to have your revenge.

It doesn’t matter much what motivates you as long as it really motivates you. As long as it is powerful enough to keep you up at night and keeps you working 100 hours a week, it is just fine.

It helps to know what it is you want. The more clear your goals are the easier it will be to reach those goals. Every now and then you should ask yourself “what motivates me right now and what is it I’m really trying to accomplish here?”

So, what motivates you?

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