Being an Entrepreneur is a thousand jobs

Being an Entrepreneur is a thousand jobs

The funniest quote from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” as far as I’m concerned must be this one:

Matthew: I have a question for you real quick. What did you think of my demo? Did you get it?
Aldous Snow: I was gonna listen to that, but then, um, I just carried on living my life.

Sometimes being an entrepreneur seems like trying to get down the obstacle course on your way to doing some actual work.

There are always meetings to attend, people to meet, articles to read and blogposts to comment on.

I sometimes wonder what is the core activity of entrepreneurship. I can’t be all this ‘stuff’ can it? Can we just ignore it all and carry on with our lives?

Unfortunately you can’t. Starting a company is more than coming up with a nifty idea and building it. You have a thousand jobs: manager, inspirator, salesman, cleaner, designer, developer, webmaster and PR manager to name a few.

That is what makes being an entrepreneur exciting, and frustrating, at times. Now, back to work!

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