Entrepreneurs and drugs, sex and alcohol

Entrepreneurs and drugs, sex and alcohol

About 3 years ago I wrote a post titled “Alcohol: a Business Tool?” about the advantages of a hangover during negotiations. Lets just say the post was controversial as a lot of people warned against the danger of alcohol abuse and the importance of having a clear mind during important meetings. To those who couldn’t take a joke: cheers!

Doug Englebart, the inventor of the computer mouse, experimented with LSD as a young inventor and it is no secret that Steve Jobs has had great experiences with LSD too when he was young:

When Wozniak had to solve difficult problems for the Apple II he used to go home, spread out the computer component out on his bed, smoke a joint, and then stare at his bed until he had solved the problem.

On the one hand entrepreneurs have to be clear thinking, analytical, hard working people. On the other hand entrepreneurs tend to be creative thinkers, not afraid to try out new things and experiment. There are lots of entrepreneurs, think Richard Branson, who have rockstar status including sex-apeal and some substance, ahem, use.

So what do you think: do drugs and alcohol go hand in hand with entrepreneurship or should entrepreneurs always keep a clear head? For those entrepreneurs who wants to follow in Steve Jobs’ track I have some LSD tablets available, for the rest I will happily make some fresh orange juice.

But seriously, what is your opinion?

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