These songs inspired by Trump’s handwritten quid pro quo defense are peak Twitter

These songs inspired by Trump’s handwritten quid pro quo defense are peak Twitter

The Twitter-verse is alive with the sound of music that was inspired by the most unusual of lyricists: US President Donald J. Trump.

Earlier this week the embattled number 45 put on one of the strangest performances of his presidency as he spoke to media outside the White House. Starring as both narrator and lead, the President acted out what it might look like if he directly responded to inquiries raised by US Ambassador Gordon Sondland during the ongoing impeachment hearings.

It has to be seen to be believed, here’s a video from C-SPAN:

But if you’re not able to watch right now, the President reads from a notepad bearing large, handwritten words that bear a striking resemblance to the set lists musicians use during live performances as he launches into a throaty, poetic performance of his notes. This, apparently, was all the inspiration that the talented denizens of Twitter needed.

One user saw the notes and the President’s performance and couldn’t help but be reminded of The Ramones. His cover of Trump‘s new hit “I Want Nothing” sounds like it’s straight out of 1983 and being performed live at CBGBs. I threw a beer bottle at my computer and shouted obscenities against a Monarch I’m not sure even exists when I heard it, it’s that bloody good.

But, as many others on Twitter noted, there’s also a bit of an emo vibe to 45’s whiny defense. And what better style to portray the depths of who Trump really is than Morrissey’s? Here’s a pair of incredibly talented Twitter users who struck the proper melancholy chord with their presidential remakes:

And, finally, though this one is dubbed as a dramatic reading, I defy you to listen to it and not immediately imagine the sound of a snare drum firing off before My Chemical Romance blazes in with a full-on orchestra backing it for a rousing anthem version of “I Want Nothing.”

No matter what your politics are, these impeachment hearings are exhausting. It’s nice to find something to laugh at in the middle of the crapstorm that’s become Capitol Hill.

For a bonus laugh, here’s another one from @NickLutsko above featuring Trump back in February talking about declaring a national emergency… to the tune of “The Entertainer.”

I’m still holding out for a Slipknot-esque version of “I Want Nothing.” There’s some hidden rage in these lyrics that Twitter‘s yet to tap – or maybe I’m just projecting. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled “pizzazz-free” impeachment hearings.

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