Hey look, AI ruined Garfield

Hey look, AI ruined Garfield
Credit: Twitter @calamardh

AI can do a lot of things — it fuels our voice assistants, understands pizza, and might even steal our jobs!

And you know what else it can do? Ruin my childhood, and possibly my subconscious.

This was the realization I came to this morning when this was shared in our team Slack channel:

At first glance, it seems like just the text is scrambled. But look closer at the images:


Absolutely chilling. We’re deep in the uncanny valley and I want out. 

It’s trippiest if you consider that Garfield himself remains untouched in most of the frames, making it seem like he’s some sort of demon orchestrator cat, warping and twisting the world around him into a psychedelic nightmarish mess.

The tweet was sent by Daniel Hanley, who trained the model himself using an AI called StyleGAN, an alternative generator architecture for GAN (or generative adversarial networks, which you can read more about here):

Had enough? I’ll leave you with this:

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