These people will go to the edge of the Earth to prove it’s flat

These people will go to the edge of the Earth to prove it’s flat

At least one supposed member of a group calling itself “Project Edge” claims they will be undertaking a mission to travel to the edge of the Earth later this week. Here’s hoping they can finally figure out if our planet resides on a series of turtles’ backs, or the shoulders of Atlas.

In the following video, uploaded to Facebook last month, Desmond Walsh – some guy who thinks the Earth is flat – sends out a call for volunteers. There’s a better-than-naught chance this is a strange attempt at humor or trolling.

Posted by Des Walsh on Monday, August 13, 2018

On a personal note – Way to wait until the last minute Walsh. We need a little bit more of a heads-up than a month before we send a reporter to discover the edge of the world with a team of brave explorers. Who knows what perils lie in wait?

Aside, of course, from the scientific community and general public, by-and-large, over the course of the last 2,000 or so years.

Ancient Greek mathematicians didn’t let the fact that they neither had access to rockets nor could afford a seat on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space ships stop them from figuring out the Earth is a sphere.

They simply calculated the angle of the sun over several distances by observing and measuring shadows. Once the mathematicians compared measurements it became obvious the shadows were cast upon a sphere.

But math is hard.

It’s so hard, in fact, that some people would prefer to just sail to Antarctica to avoid doing it. At least, we assume they’re going to sail. It’s probably stupid to make assumptions about people who believe there’s a millennia-long conspiracy convince the inhabitants of the Earth that they live on a sphere when they actually live on a disk. For all we know, they plan on taking a trolley.

We reached out to Walsh, but didn’t immediately receive a response. We’ll keep our eyes peeled as, according to Walsh’s Facebook page, the “team” intends to stream their voyage.

If you encounter any members of “Project Edge” send them our way: We’ve got a lot of questions. But do not try and reason with them. You’ll only end up mildly frustrated and questioning whether you’re a part of the most boring prank in history (I see you Shaq).

That the Earth is a sphere is no longer open for debate. It’s a fact. If you can provide us compelling evidence for a flat Earth — that doesn’t come from a meme, YouTube video, or unverifiable source – we’ll update this article with a correction indicating otherwise.

Until then: Friends don’t let friends pretend they believe the Earth is flat.

Flat-Earthers are Planning a Trip to the ‘End of the Earth’ to Prove It Isn’t Round on The Free Thought Project

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