GitHub now hosts over 100 million repositories

GitHub now hosts over 100 million repositories

Today, the immensely popular social coding platform GitHub announced it now hosts over 100 million repositories.

In addition, the platform announced new information about its userbase. GitHub now supports 31 million developers, who collectively have created over 1.1 billion contributions.

These contributions have taken place across a variety of projects, both closed and open-source. GitHub hosts the majority of major open-source projects, including WordPress, Drupal, and TensorFlow.

According to GitHub, the most popular project of 2018 was Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, a cross-platform text editor built with web technologies with the Electron engine.

React Native, TensorFlow, Angular, and Azure’s documentation occupied positions two-to-five.

Much of GitHub’s user growth is taking place outside of the United States, where the company is based. The fastest growing market, determined by the total number of repositories created, is Algeria, followed by El Salvador, Egypt, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

If one is only concerned with total open-source repositories created, the top five countries then become Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.

This user growth is great news for GitHub, which only hosted 33,000 repositories back in 2008. It’s also proof that news of the Microsoft acquisition, which was announced earlier this summer, has done nothing to dampen the platform’s appeal to developers.

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