Mixmax Rules is like IFTTT for email

Mixmax Rules is like IFTTT for email

Many of us live in our inboxes, spending hours composing and forwarding emails, and using the information contained within in other contexts and services, like Slack and Trello.

Mixmax hopes to make that last bit easier with Mixmax Rules. This is a user-programmable system that lets you connect the data held within the vaults of your email account with other popular external services.

So, for example, you could program Mixmax Rules to send you an SMS when a condition is met — like when a pre-defined person sends you an email. It uses the same “if this then that” logic that should be familiar to anyone who has used services like IFTTT, or is familiar with rudimentary programming. Fortunately, everything is done with a graphical environment, so you don’t need to know how to code.

Administrators can stack several actions upon each other. So, for example, if one event is triggered (like, for example, a sales contract being signed with Docusign), Mixmax Rules can send a follow-up email and post a notification to slack.

Mixmax Rules is aimed at those working primarily in customer-facing roles, and the goal, ultimately, is to save these people time by automating repetitive and predictable tasks.

The tool comes with baked-in support for Slack, Salesforce, and Docusign, and is currently available to those on Mixmax’s premium “Growth” plan and above. It also comes with an API, allowing developers to further extend the service.

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