GitHub’s free education bundle is now available to all schools


Software development isn’t just about writing code. It’s also about what you do with that code — testing, documenting, and proper source management. These skills are often left by the wayside in the classroom.

GitHub wants to change that, and has announced that it’s expanding GitHub Education, and will begin offering it to all schools.

Previously, GitHub Education was offered to a limited number of selected degree or certificate-granting educational instutitions.

GitHub Education is a bundle of company’s tools and training. It comes with free access to GitHub Enterprise or Business Hosted, as well as teacher training for the platform via GitHub Campus Advisors.

The move follows several initiatives designed to bring Github to the classroom. In 2012, the company launched the Student Developer Pack. Three years later, it introduced GitHub Classroom. Both of these are integral to the company’s new GitHub Education offering.

Of course, GitHub isn’t the only source management company targeting the education market. Earlier this month, rival GitLab announced it was offering its Ultimate and Gold packages to classroom customers.

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