Amazon Web Services just launched its own Twitch channel

Amazon Web Services just launched its own Twitch channel

Twitch isn’t just about watching gaming enthusiasts pwn n00bs in DOTA anymore. It’s pivoted into something with a much more general appeal — you can now watch movies, and binge-watch TV shows like Mr Rogers.

The latest big name to join the Twitch family is Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services), which just announced its first ever Twitch channel.

AWS has already shared its initial line-up. One series of programs, called “AWS Maker Studio,” offers coding tutorials centered around the ubiquitous web services platform. The aim is for people to follow along, and create a cloud-connected robot. The first episode in this series will debut tomorrow evening at 4:30 PT (7:30 PT).

Twitch has been used for live-programming before, but usually by hobbyists and independent coders. It’s impressive to see such a large company embrace a relatively niche medium, although hardly surprising since Amazon bought Twitch a few years back. Given the tech-savvy demographics of Twitch, it’s a pretty safe bet, and one that will likely attract fresh developers to its platform.

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