How Comic Sans became the world’s most hated font

More than two decades since its release, we haven’t yet seen the last of Comic Sans – that awkward, clumsy and altogether unsightly typeface that makes it immediately clear that its user has no aesthetic sense.

Now, a new short from CNN-backed video network Great Big Story tells the tale of how Comic Sans came to be – traveling back in time to the early 90s when designer Vincent Connare created it for Microsoft’s Bob interface and exploring his inspirations. Hit the play button above to check it out.

In a piece in The Guardian today, Connare explains how the infamous typeface came in handy for him:

I’ve only ever used Comic Sans once. I was having trouble changing my broadband to Sky so wrote them a letter in Comic Sans, saying how disappointed I was. I got a £10 refund. In those cases, I would recommend it. The basic theory is that typography should not shout – but Comic Sans shouts.

Have you ever found Comic Sans useful? Let us know in the comments – or better yet, show us!

Updated March 28, 2017.

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