Adobe put earth’s worst stock photos on t-shirts and we want one

Adobe put earth’s worst stock photos on t-shirts and we want one

Stock images haunt your nightmares, whether you realize it or not. Bland photos of white people in intimate settings, and diverse people in workplace settings, are the visual counterpart to vague, non-offensive corporate-speak the world over.

Because if you’re going to leverage the power of the cloud to monetize your core assets, you need some equally vague imagery. To “celebrate” this unique artform, Adobe put a bunch of particularly awful stock photos onto t-shirts. The result is amazing.

“Laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad,” above, is a classic of the genre. But Adobe goes further, giving us deep cuts like “International business team working around laptop.”


Or there’s these masterpieces:




This is design humor at its best, putting images we’ve all groaned at into a new context. And sure, it’s an elaborate promotion for Adobe’s own stock photo service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the photos for what they are. Honestly, we’re mostly just disappointed that Adobe doesn’t seem to actually be selling the t-shirts.

Adobe's Cheeky New Clothing Line Celebrates Some of the Worst Stock Photos Ever  on Adweek

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