Browse the golden age of Web design in this curated gallery

Browse the golden age of Web design in this curated gallery

Gone are the days where websites look like a bad acid trip.


Despite the ebb and flow of design trends, one thing is certain: In 2016, it’s just as important for websites to have great functionality as it is to have great looks.

If you’re an admirer of beautiful websites, we have the perfect collection for your browsing enjoyment.

Curated anonymously, SiteSee collects the most visually alluring and modern web design currently online.

web design An Interesting Day
Each featured website highlights the uniqueness, vibrancy (and sometimes not so vibrant), and creativity of the designer.

For example, An Interesting Day features colorful and stylish illustrations, while Plume uses a combination of animation and video to impress the user.

web design Plume Wi-Fi
Then there are others, like MSDS Studio, that combine a strong visual identity with technical trickery to create a striking portfolio of their work.

web design MSDS
There are a lot of great-looking websites on the internet, and it’s nice to have one place where they’re compiled and applauded.


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