WordPress says you’ll be able to get a .blog domain later this year

WordPress says you’ll be able to get a .blog domain later this year

Automattic, parent company to WordPress.com, has secured the rights to manage the sale and registration of .blog domains from later in 2016.

The company announced the news, fittingly, in a post on WordPress’ official blog but didn’t say exactly when they would arrive or how much the new top-level domains (TLDs) will cost.

Domain registration prices are still being finalized, but they will be in the standard range for new top-level domains with some premium pricing for higher-value names.

The domain names will become available through traditional timeframes such as ‘sunrise’ (the period during which trademark owners can purchase domain names) and ‘landrush’ (the time in which applications can be received prior to general availability).

Don’t let the association with WordPress confuse you, though – any website will be able to have a .blog TLD, regardless of the type of site or which company hosts it.

Of course, whether any TLD will attract the same attention as .com with drive-by visitors is a different question altogether.

Coming Soon: New .Blog Domains for Websites on Wordpress blog

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