‘Sign-In with Slack’ challenges Facebook, Twitter and Google for log-ins

‘Sign-In with Slack’ challenges Facebook, Twitter and Google for log-ins

Slack is trying to outdo Google, Facebook and Twitter with its own app sign-in button.

Debuting alongside its new Quip integration, ‘Sign-In with Slack’ is a dedicated log-in feature that works just like those from social media entities: you tap a button, which accesses your credentials to verify your identity.

Developers can use the Slack sign-in button via an API for integration on just about any Website (or in any app). It’s meant for teams, where Slack writes it “keeps teams connected across the many apps they use for work.”

It may also help with those who use several Slack logins. As an example, I’m in roughly 7 Slack rooms and use three different emails to log in. With Sign-In with Slack, those services TNW uses would authorize me using my business credentials — not my personal ones.

The API is available now, and Slack is working with Figma Kifi, OfficeVibe, Slackline and Smooz in addition to Quip.

Introducing Sign in with Slack on Slack via Medium

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