Bing just became the best search engine for developers

Bing just became the best search engine for developers

At your day job as a professional code Googler – I mean developer – you probably search for quick snippets multiple times a day to find the best way to perform a particular task.

Almost always as developers we end up on Stack Overflow or Mozilla Developer Network, but now Microsoft’s Bing has given us something even better: executable code directly in search results.

Thanks to a collaboration with HackerRank, if you search for something like string concat C#, you’ll get an interactive code editor with a result that can be run directly from that page to see how it works.

It’s a seriously fantastic feature that I hope Google adds soon – I’m not sure I’d switch search engine for this, but I’m incredibly jealous. Right now it only supports C, C++, C#, Python, PHP and Java but more will come soon.

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