IBM ‘Bluemix Garage Method’ is a developer’s blueprint for cloud-based success

IBM ‘Bluemix Garage Method’ is a developer’s blueprint for cloud-based success

IBM Bluemix Garage is making its methods for creating apps and services available to anyone, and has released the Bluemix Garage method as a set of best-practices it has learned while helping startups and businesses pave a path to the cloud.

The Bluemix Garage Method is a set of best practices for building apps that take advantage of cloud services, and allows developers to utilize APIs for Blockchain, Cognitive (Watson) and IoT. IBM’s goal (naturally) is that developers will build apps that utilize its own cloud services.

Based on seven main tenets — learn, think, code, manage, culture, deliver and run — the Bluemix Garage Method is meant to bring what Bluemix Garages around the world are doing to everyone. To help make it digestible, IBM has packed the methods into a digital experience as well as assets.

IBM is also sharing what it has learned about its own design and development growth, and there’s an open community where people can share ideas and concepts they’ve learned through the Bluemix Garage Method.

What you find with Bluemix Garage Method won’t be what you find at the actual Bluemix Garage; the development process is far too nimble to pigeonhole it to a route set of disciplines. Still, it’s a good footing for anyone looking to scale an app or business using the cloud — especially startups.

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