Now you can use emoji to code 🎉

Now you can use emoji to code 🎉

Nothing says ‘happy’ like emoji, right? Well, maybe not but this new emoji coding language could brighten up the day of any programmer.

Emojicode is a new high-level programming language that can be used to make cross-platform applications. It’s open-source and multi-paradigm and the little pictograms form its structure and flow.

Being multi-paradigm, the language creates a consistent and stable interface but it’s not all smileys, you will need to use other characters for variables. Everything else is emoji-friendly though so it’s all good.

Your program will be executed by the Emojicode Real-Time Engine, which is faster than your average virtual machine at just 100 kilobytes. The Engine is compatible with Ubuntu, OS X, Raspbian and more.

So if you’re getting a bit tired of looking at the same characters over and over, you can download the Emojicode SDK on GitHub and get programming. And if there’s no binary available for your system, you can build it yourself.

If you’re not already fluent in emoji, the company also offers a guide on how to get going. For example, you set your non-emoji variables using ‘🍮’ and ‘🍦’ for frozen variables.

➤ Emojicode [via Product Hunt]

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