Data shows demand for developers who know Swift has skyrocketed

Data shows demand for developers who know Swift has skyrocketed

According to new data from freelance placement firm Toptal, Swift is the most in-demand developer language.

The study, which compares requests from prospective employers year over year, shows a 600 percent increase in requests for developers who know Swift. Second is HTML, which saw a 267 percent increase.

Here’s Toptal’s top-ten list:

Swift                           600 percent

HTML                         267 percent

C++                             244 percent

CSS                             239 percent

PHP                            167 percent

Sass                            142 percent

Objective-C               138 percent

Less                            137 percent

XML                            125 percent

Python                       120 percent

Toptal says the data was based on requests from “tens of thousands of companies” looking to hire freelance developers. Interestingly, this data only encompasses freelance developers, not companies looking to hire full-time developers.

It makes a good bit of sense, though. Not only is Swift the most popular language on GitHub, it’s seeing a ton of support from IBM which will lead to Swift finding a home beyond Apple’s platforms.

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