How to port iOS games to Windows 10 in under 5 minutes

Being able to launch your game on multiple platforms is crucial to growing your user base. If you’re looking to get your creation on Windows devices, you’ll be happy to learn that it isn’t all that difficult.

Developer David Burela, who is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure, has demonstrated how you can port a simple iOS game to the Universal Windows Platform in less than five minutes.

For his video, Burela chose the popular endless runner Canabalt, which was open sourced on GitHub. After downloading the source code, he used Microsoft’s iOS bridge for Windows 10 to port the title and make changes in Visual Studio.

Of course, more complex games, especially those that use features specific to other platforms, will require more time and effort to port – but it’s still good to know that the basic process is quick and straightforward.

Using Windows 10 iOS bridge to convert Canabalt to Windows 10 in under 5 minutes [Burela’s house-o-blog via VentureBeat]

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