Watch how Apple’s Swift evolved into an open source powerhouse

After going open source, Swift’s popularity seemed to grow exponentially overnight. A new video posted to Vimeo visualizes how Swift came to be, and walks us through the language taking shape leading into it hitting GitHub.

If you know a bit about programming, the video shines. From .cpp files down to Swift mastermind Chris Lattner bouncing around the map early on, it’s a hard look at just how Swift was founded. It doesn’t walk through Swift going open source, but gets us from August 2010 to December 3, 2015.

Those who know little or nothing about programming will still enjoy the video, I think. If you’re at all interested in how a programming language takes form before it’s used to make apps, this video is awesome.

Craig Federighi thinks Swift will be the programming language du jour for the next 20 years. Now we know how much hard work was poured into Swift before we even got our hands on it.

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