Twitter opens up Digits and Crashlytics for Apple TV apps

Twitter opens up Digits and Crashlytics for Apple TV apps

Twitter is coming to Apple TV — sort of. Today, the company is making available two developer tools, Digits and Crashlytics, available for tvOS apps.

Much like Facebook recently did with its own social sign-in for tvOS apps, Digits lets users login to Apple TV apps without having to deal with the clumsy tvOS data entry page.


When a session is initiated on Apple TV, a short code will be displayed for users to enter at via a computer or smartphone. From there, Digits authorizes a user and relays the info back to Apple TV.

There’s no social account requirement with Digits, either. Instead, a user’s phone number authorizes them.


Crashlytics for Apple TV has been in beta since Twitter’s Flight conference, and is now ready for primetime. Just like it does with mobile apps, Crashlytics provides detailed information on what caused an Apple TV app to crash, and sends critical information in real time.

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