Twitter launches Answers Kit as standalone Fabric plugin

Twitter launches Answers Kit as standalone Fabric plugin

Answers, part of the Crashalytics Kit in Fabric, is now available as a standalone plugin.

Answers Kit is available via Fabric, and was separated from Crashlytics for those who want to take advantage of features like Audience Insights and Answers Events. Twitter considers app marketers and product managers as the core audience for Answers Kit.


If you’re already using Crashlytics, there’s no need to install Answers Kit; it’s still part of Crashlytics. Enabling Answers Kit is also a one-click process, just like Twitter’s other IDE plugins.

For a focussed audience, Answers Kit is welcome. Most developers not working on a large team will probably want to continue using Crashlytics as-is (because, why would you not want to?), but if you’d rather have a more direct line to Answers, it’s available.

Introducing Answers Kit [Answers]

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